Na-ki-wa oo-ba-ke

Na-ki-wa oo-ba-ke

Nakiwaoobake aka Andrew l Willis

As a creator, I'm always looking for other artistic expressions, worlds, characters, etc. Except if said idioms are the product of external based creators, then I'm flat out not interested. Creators are really explorers. We look to: movies, comics, novels, music, etc, as a means to visit new realities. I mean humans by nature are curious. That's why the arts are so important to us as a species. Art is a doorway to someplace else.

Nakiwaoobake is an Internal Based Creator. He dreams entire realities. His constructs are rich and original. His expression is pure and powerful. The experiencer is allowed to 'see' a multiverse with universal themes. Past present and future have no meaning in the western sense, but is presented in Dreamtime in scope and vision.

I know ya'll think I'm playing, so you need to check it out for yourself.


Fully realized characters, worlds, and cultures are found in Bounty-X Minddar! This is an ancient tale. This is Dark Matter Speculative Fiction at its best. This is that stuff that only an Internal Based Creator could bring.

The above pic is a door. Open it and explore.

For the external based creator, this means nothing to you because you simply regurgitate what you have been told is acceptable, so carry on, there is nothing to see here. lol.