Is that a Black man?


By now, many if not most of you have watched the new Batman V. Superman trailer. Like most geeks, I had to take a peek myself. But I'm not only a geek, I'm also an IBBC; Internal Based Black Creator. And as such I am ever vigilant when it comes to the depiction of Blacks in modern Western art forms. Take a look at the above screen ... or better yet, frame grab. It may be too early to tell, but it appears that a Black man, or a man kissed by the sun big-time, is about to shoot Bruce Wayne's parents.


Again ... may be too early to tell, but if the above set of images is that of a black or brown killer, then Batman's parents will be shown as having been killed by a man of color in an alley. And just in time for the upcoming elections, when crime committed by Blacks will be show-cased in Willie Horton fashion.


Batman is an icon in the modern mythos of the American unconscious. He is one of the big-three in the DC universe. The man who killed Batman's parents has always been depicted as a white man. Why the change? If indeed there has been a change. Hard to tell, plus that hand looks like it could be white.


In light of the continued assault on unarmed Black men in American society - by armed Whites, it's interesting that what was always depicted as white on white crime in the DC comic book mythos, could now potentially have a Black man killing the parents of one of the most beloved heroes in the American collective psyche.


Donald Trump couldn't have written this scene any better. In the mist of white comic book fans going plum crazy when a beloved figure in the comic-magazine world is switched from White to Black, will we have an outburst of hate, pain, and vitriol at this potential ethnic switch-a-roo? Again I want to stress potential because the image moves fast. Could be a dark skinned white man ... a hamite, lol. Or it could just be the lighting.

Lets say the picture is that of a Black man in the first image. The question(s) then becomes -

1. Why switch the Wayne's killer from white to black?
2. What will the response from the fanatical comic book fan base be?
3. What impact will said switch have on the American unconscious?

Time will tell.