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Now that my second novel, SJM is done; at least the first few edits, I'm getting back to working on the NETERS™ comics. Not just building the characters from scratch in 3D, but the actual comic books. I fired up Comic Life to add some updated images to issue zero. Can't sing enough praise for Comic Life. This program makes laying out a comic fairly easy. My operating system on my desktop is a little old and hence wonky, but this application gets it done. And it's under $50!


And then there's celtx. It's free. It's a script writing program that has a ton of power under the hood. I use it to write my comic book scripts. The above is a sneak peep at issue 3 of Neters. read more.

Purge: Past Unspoken

51 days left! No more complaining. No more begging. Top shelf execution! A team of some of the best pros are bringing this joint to fruition. Don't be left out! see/read more.

Get on the ground floor!


Sword and Soul is a powerful and important genre within the limitless ocean of African American Speculative Fiction. My good friend Milton Davis is a master of the fantasy prose, and is deep in it's continuing development and evolution.

That's why we need to stop everything that we're doing, and help make this Animated feature film happen in a Big way. With over a billion black people worldwide, and hundreds of millions online at any given time, the call to action should be met with furious intent. No more begging and getting on the rest of the human family's collective nerves! Lets do this!

Click the image above or the link below and lets get started -

Changa and the Jade Obelisk!!!

360 turn, or simply Old School

htp (peace)

Many of you know that my second novel is complete. I'm currently doing the second re-write ... again; which is really like the fourth edit, but hey, gotta do it right. I had to put the NETERS™ novel to the side in order to finish Sun Juice Mechanics. Man ... cifer-RA, a brand of African American Speculative Fiction; or simply put, African American Science Fiction is a genre unto itself. Keeps me busy.

So ... I opened the Neters novel file and took a good read. I'm afraid the time for a pure Neters novel is over. The story still needs to be told though. Problem is, I'm writing other novels AND I'm rebuilding all of the characters from the Neters universe from the ground up. Taking a bunch of time, family.

Solution -

Going old school to bring a fresh approach. Illustrated Novels.


Doing research for the exact approach and look or format for the Neters novel. I'm sure the illustrated novel format will work for a wider crowd. Found some pictures online for study purposes...


For more insights into the NETERS™ universe.
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