A Dream-Like Vision


htp (peace)

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is a sexy, hypnotic, dream-like re-telling of the cult classic Ganja and Hess. Layered with a banging sound track, Spike Lee offers a glimpse into the lonely world of Dr. Green. An eccentric art collector, Dr. Green finds himself catapulted into a blood addicted existence. And in an act of supreme selfishness, brings Ganja with him. But that's okay, she's not exactly the most caring person in the world. This film has that Spike Lee vibe from years past. From the opening scene, I was snatched back in time, I'm talking almost thirty years ago when we couldn't wait for the next Spike Lee joint to drop. I miss those days. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is a good film. Artsy to say the least, but it works with the topic at hand. Oh, it even has Lee's signature still-motion camera pan; or what ever he calls it. Just plain cool. I recommend this one, family.

The above pic is a captured frame from the movie. It was clipped from the screening page. I figured ya'll might like the All-Seeing-Eye...

A Social-Script


We at that real-time Belly of the Beast juncture on this one ya'll ...

Empire is one of the most disturbing 'programs' on television. And when I say
program, I'm talking MK-Ultra. It’s a social-script for a world where light skinned black folks enjoy power and influence, and dark skinned black people are degenerates who serve light skinned black folks in most capacities. Lets see, maids, personal assistants, overweight undisciplined lackeys, etc. Oh, and whats equally deep; as in on the same level as the Cotton Club visuals in this show, is the insertion of the homosexual experience as being a mirror to the Black experience.

Got a bunch of things happening here.

Episode one -

Becky’s big 400 pound dark skinned ass; blond weave and all.

Dark skinned barber cutting Hakeem’s (light skinned son’s), hair.

Bungie is fat, dark, undisciplined, and dumb.

Episode two -

Big fat black (dark skinned), maid serving at least two light skinned black people.

Portia (female?), is a fat dark skinned hood-rat personal assistant.

Kid fo fo (sp?), is just dumb ... and dark.

Oh ... no need to rejoice if you light skinned, lol, because none of the black people; regardless of complexion, are healthy. They all messed up. The revolution IS on television. And the community is losing.

Cookie talking to Lucious-Lucifer-Satan, “I liked you better when you was a thug.”

This program is poison. Who created this mess? What kind of mentality would or could imagine a world like Empire? And for what purpose? Seems the new program is one where the only person in this particular social-script, is one where a homosexual is the only person with any kind of social redeeming qualities. I guess in a fish bowl like this, one cannot uplift one community without sacrificing another. Funny thing is, one - the creator belongs to both communities, and two - in a world dominated by White Supremacy, the best you gonna get is second place. Think on it, because this show is twisted.