Quick Workout...


Just completed still another full edit of my novel, Sun Juice Mechanics read more. I put the thing on the shelf and will re-visit it one more time before I send it off to the professionals.

Anyway ... just wanted to get at least an hour of Blender work in, and so I was in the middle of doing a re-design of the turbine-lifts on Kek's fan plane
read more, and ended up modeling a kind of Neter Booster Rocket Engine, or N.B.R.E. lol.


It seems I wasn't really focused on re-designing the turbo-fans for Kek's plane. I mean I'm nowhere near what I had in mind. I guess that's part of the fun of creating. On some days you just never know what you'll come up with.

With the right tweaking and fine tuning, I envision a facility in the desert with several of these things lined up ... with steam coming from the bottom or rolling off the top. Wires going to and from the
N.B.R.E.s. Armed Retu-Guardsmen standing at the ready ... all around the facility. Yup, Imma do that pic and throw it up on the NETERS site.

I will also continue to reuse that flag. Still rocking the RGB in the Neters™ universe. Just like in the beginning ... back when it was still the Infra Project. Think I'm gonna close that loop though ... doesn't quite work on the uniforms. Makes the neck look weird. We'll see.

Anyway, I've got to get more Blender modeling tuts under my belt. My instincts are to go to Hexagon (old modeling application), on everything, then bring the object into Blender to finish it up. If I can get as comforatble modeling in Blender as I am in Hexagon, then that cuts another program from my work flow.

In the last year ... year and a half, I've eliminated several programs. Animation Master is gone. Modeling with Spines is still an enjoyable process, but AM on the Mac in too unstable. Cheetah 3D is history. Still love that program, it's the most intuitive application I've ever used. It does what you expect it to do when this or that button or lever is pushed or dragged. But like Animation Master, it only has one developer. Plus I can't get the kinds of renders I need. So now I'm down to Hexagon (modeling), and Blender (Modeling, Rigging, Texturing, Animation), and you already know what's gonna happen once I start modeling in Blender...