High Frequency Subconscious Extravaganza


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Minddar: Black Holes
by Andrew Willis

Minddar: Black Holes is the first in a series of books I am very excited to read. This is a hyper frequency, subconscious, inner dimensional trek through the cosmic ether of the mind. Black Holes is easily one of the most distinctive takes on The Hero's Journey I’ve ever read. The Ever-Becoming Gojawa lands within a Black Hole where he encounters The Black Lion; an entity of incredible power and purpose, where the Gojawa must face his 'Inner-Me' to proceed.

The Peas of Sambo and the Greed construct are visions brought out by a creative 3rd eye that lays to paper what mystics have teased for centuries. Willis’ characters are replete with spirituality and speculative forethought. His imagination is vast and heavily populated. Soul-dead creatures like the MK-Ultra minions summoned by the Greed entity, brings feelings of sadness as they are stuck under the influences of the lower chakras. It isn’t until Imhotep arrives before the minions are freed from their torture. And there's the art.

Willis uses an intelligent mix of Black-&-white with just the right amount of color. Gods, demons, and spirits are drawn with fantastic detail and wisdom. Macro concepts are fit unto comic book panels without missing a beat. Quantum portals, metaphysical ideals, and science fiction tropes are used to hook the reader, while preparing them for the next test for the Gojawa.
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