Welcome to the new media outlet for Daathrekh Publishing. The birth place of what is currently known as cifer-RA: a style of fiction, that is Speculative, African Centered, and Metaphysical in scope, as it relates to the idea of harmony or disharmony, between the biological, technological, and spiritual - cifer-RA springs from that space where the subjective realm meets the phenomenal plain. Daathrekh Publishing is literary cosmology, spun in a new way, striving for a new day.

Conscious and thought provoking, Daathrekh Publishing is dedicated to bringing you
High-Science-Entertainment - cifer-RA.

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- categories (see home page) -

1. news & updates - threads where I’ll talk about new or nearly completed projects, such as: comics, graphic novels, and trade paperback(s).

2. musings - entries where I basically think-out-loud. Insights to my creative and learning process.

3. rave - entries dealing with subject matters related to cifer-RA, and or speculative fiction in general. Traditional threads where I’ll post about other: blogs, forums, & sites, by creators who inspire me. Some of these URLs will eventually be moved to the permanent LINKS section. Oh ... you’ll find the occasional rant here too.

4. wip(s) (work in progress) - this is where I’ll show those raw cifer-RA concepts ... things that are just beginning to spit from my third eye.