Hexagon vs Silo

Hexagon ver: 2.5+

Silo ver: 2.5+

Floating in that 'between' time of doing more editing than writing. This gives me time to get back into 3D; which in turn ... NETERS.

Just when I thought my favorite 3D modeler (Hexagon), was dead, Daz 3d actually dropped an update. But ... a few months ago, Nevercenter dropped what I believe is it's 3rd update for Silo.

Both programs had been dormant for years.

This weekend, I'm comparing the two. They came out roughly the same time, what, some 10 years ago?

Anyway, luv Hex, but I want to give Silo a shot. So far Silo isn't showing me anything that would make me abandon Hex. I do appreciate the stability though. Hasn't crashed once. But, neither has this latest version of Hexagon.