Getting it right


... had to make some modifications to the texture map of the latest boer incarnation. Seems I have several species of boer at this point. Anyway, had to get the Ambient Occlusion right. read more

More test renders in Blender


Very little post work. Had to get rid of a few lines but that's it. Still think Blender has way too many buttons and stuff, but once you know where everything is, ones' speed increases. Blender has a ton of features that once understood, will allow any artist to save thousands.


Same beauty shot from the previous entry. This time I rendered the pangolin with the original blue window. I tweaked the lighting which really brought out the tires.

Render Wars


So in the mist of re-modeling basically everything from the Neters™ comic, I'm also teaching myself Blender 3D. Very powerful program. If I go through every button, I'm sure I can get the look I want ... eventually. lol


To me the render is not as tight as what I get from Carrara. Yes the lines are there. It renders fast enough too, but my Carrara renders are just cleaner. I'll play with the settings some more ... see what I can come up with. read more

Almost ... with the textures


htp (peace)

In issue two of NETERS™, you'll have a chance to experience more of the technological side of things. The above is a ground class of wapwet called the Aardvark. I'm battling with the textures at this point. You can get your laugh on as I experiment and learn through trial and error with applying the textures etc. - @ -
read more

creatively goofy

aardvark_432_600x450 +Big-tire2 = link