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Htp (peace)

Received an email with a link to one of the greatest sites on the net. Been a while since I've been excited about a page. Click the amazing banner featured above and take a look around.

A Dream-Like Vision


htp (peace)

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is a sexy, hypnotic, dream-like re-telling of the cult classic Ganja and Hess. Layered with a banging sound track, Spike Lee offers a glimpse into the lonely world of Dr. Green. An eccentric art collector, Dr. Green finds himself catapulted into a blood addicted existence. And in an act of supreme selfishness, brings Ganja with him. But that's okay, she's not exactly the most caring person in the world. This film has that Spike Lee vibe from years past. From the opening scene, I was snatched back in time, I'm talking almost thirty years ago when we couldn't wait for the next Spike Lee joint to drop. I miss those days. Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is a good film. Artsy to say the least, but it works with the topic at hand. Oh, it even has Lee's signature still-motion camera pan; or what ever he calls it. Just plain cool. I recommend this one, family.

The above pic is a captured frame from the movie. It was clipped from the screening page. I figured ya'll might like the All-Seeing-Eye...

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