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Cloud Tiger
Id-Type: Gelatinous Fibrous.

Huge 100 ton floating monsters that roam the sulfur rich skies in the NETERS™ universe. These immense creatures, or ids, are a kind of terrestrial jelly fish or hydra. Cloud Tigers generally have anywhere from 6 to 10 powerful tentacles. They use their muscular three-finned tails to push themselves through the heavens; all the while held aloft by concentrated helium within bladders that rest atop their bulky bodies. It is believed that they reproduce asexually.

- The Process -


... this critter started life as a box in my favorite modeler application - Hexagon.


Imported into what's probably going to end up as my main app; Blender. Using the feature rich program, I created seams to unwrap 'em, and generated a texture map.


After moving the 'islands' around, I generated the map, exported the pdf file and painted over the image map in Pixelmator.

Brought the texture back into Blender, applied the tex to the model and played around with the settings until I got the look I want using the Freestyle settings in Blender.

The entire process took about 3 hours.

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Sun Juice Mechanics


htp (peace)

The first draft is complete. The first full edit will be done next month, then it's off to a professional edit and, 'Sun Juice Mechanics' will be available for purchase. SJM will be the second novel under the Daathrekh Publishing banner. I'm gonna need to get some reviews as soon as possible ... need a blurb to add to the back cover, etc.

Issues two and three of NETERS™ (
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