Old files...


... cleaning house. As in dumping old software that I don't plan on using any more. Lightwave 3D is one such item being erased from the HD. The above pic is of the cockpit used by the ma'atan Code in the Neters™ universe. I built it in lightwave a long time ago. Saved it out as an object file, and it loads just fine in Blender. Gonna update the thing and keep it pushing...

Light study


... nothing extraordinary to report. Just put the manuscript for Sun Juice Mechanics © back on the shelf to await a 3rd re-write. In the meantime, I'm getting some Blender work done. Studying what different light settings will do for my renders in said program.

Man ... Daathrekh.com has been online for 17 years!!!

Speaking of which, checkout this awesome update to the online Stealth comic by my good friend Will Satterwhite. He's been doing it for as long; if not longer, than I have.
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I remember those days ... back when the web was relatively new. African American Science Fiction comics and animations were all over the place. It seemed like everyday I'd discover a new Black comic, or black speculative fiction animation, or book being introduced to the public.

Makes me think ... I may have to break down and create a facebook page for the Daathrekh banner. Seems most of the folks from those bygone days are hanging out there. Or maybe google +...