Powerful but Redundant


Blender is a great program, but it's redundant at times. I mean there are at least 4 separated places to rotate, scale, and move objects in the GUI. Makes no sense to have to go through so many screens and press so many buttons to get things done.


I told myself that I would give this application a good go before settling in on one main program. It's got power. It belongs in the conversation with Lightwave, Cinema 4D, XSI, 3D Max, and dare I say it ... Maya. Bunch of stuff under the hood for sure.


I do appreciate that Blender has a ton of features, is always being updated and developed, plus it's easy to find tutorials on the program. Youtube alone has so many how-to's, it's a wonder people ever buy books or tuts from the various Blender-centric sites.

I'm still in the learning phase, but I am getting faster. Currently using the Blender 2.6+ Essentials training course. Seven plus hours of video covering everything from basic navigation, to modeling and rigging ... all for free!

As it now stands, I no longer get a headache when launching the program - with its galaxy of buttons and screens. lol

Stay tuned.