Putting in work!


... just finished re-mastering the Boers from Neters universe. A highly aggressive species, they are a constant thorn in the backs of the Retu Guardsmen. read more.

Time saver!


htp (peace)

So I'm deep in learning AM. And while reading the various threads on the AM forum, I came upon a cool project. The creator of said project is using painted backgrounds, that is to say, 2D still images as back-drops to his projects. And to add to that, he composites the render, such that the 3D objects on the screen can actually casts shadows onto the 2D images.

Naturally I had to learn this technique, as it will be a huge time saver for making movies and comic panels.


The giraffe is a 3D image composited onto a 2D background. Checkout the shadow. Time saver ... period.

The above pic is a 2D image. I created a simple 3D over-turned bowl. The bowl is casting a shadow on the ground of a 2D image! Cool concept. Animation Master is one helluva program. Lots of power under the hood.

Oh ... the pictures are images of various scenes from the Samurai Jack series.