The Agent in You

A few months ago I wrote an article entitled, The Rise of the Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers. It basically outlined the manifesto for those who seek for the externalization of Black creative vision and artistic power. The Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers’ primary focus is the falsification of Internal-Based-Black-Creator-Themes. It was further revealed, that the Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers seek to cling to a position of power and privilege within one of the nine areas of activity of White Supremacy – entertainment. The aforementioned piece is from an upcoming book entitled, “The Agent in You." A few weeks ago, I was inspired to drop this; which will also appear in the same book. This post is entitled, The Wonderers.

The Wonderers are men and women who seemly do not hold the perceived acceptance, status, and power of the Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers. They do however share in their distain for internal based Black creation motifs and concepts. The Wonderers generally hover around Black creative people; forums, chat rooms, social sites of all kinds, yet proudly proclaim the superiority of the all inclusive; racially speaking, economic advantages of making a living as an external based Black Artist. It would appear that the Wonderers are Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers in the making. They are not.

The Wonderers are spoilers who feverishly extol the positive experiences they’ve enjoyed with non-Black artists and creators. They do so, while condemning and showcasing the negative history they’ve faced when participating in creative projects with Black people. Wonderers are agents. Wonderers are nomads.

The Wonderers’ as agent is a compelling phenomenon. They actively seek out Internal Based Black Creators; their works and conversations, in hopes to castigate, misdirect, and chastise. They work hard at painting the Internal-Based-Black-Creator as narrow minded, limited in scope and success, and as reverse racists. They never miss an opportunity at showing and proving how following the yellow-brick-road of mainstream thought, is vastly superior to any and all things perceived as militant – read: unapologetically Black creatively. The Wonderer as agent acts as a kind of auto-drone within mostly Black creative gatherings. Wonderers are artistic overseers who would rather be rubbing elbows with those who actually have no respect or place for them.

The Wonderer as nomad is tragic. They recognize that they are unwanted pests in non-Black artsy circles, so they are forced to go slumming in Black-creator-communities. They feel superior to other Blacks; believing they posses higher knowledge and wisdom as bestowed upon them by their white masters. The Wonderers' as artists are creatively dead. Their work is rejected by the non-Black community for it’s unoriginal mimic laden content, and often passed over by the Black community by-in-large, for its gutted and soulless expression.

The Wonderers are cousin to the Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers. They posses different anti-black rhetoric/technique, yet share in their aversion for Internal-Based-Black-Creator-Themes. Unlike Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers however, the Wonderers are nomadic agents who specifically seek out Independent Black Creative Communities to destroy them; where as the BSFGK* want nothing to do with non-conforming Black artists.

The Internal-Based-Black-Creator faces a myriad of challenges. The powerful imagery and frequencies molded by these men and women are in direct conflict with the core tenants of White Supremacy. Unfortunately the minions of the Eurocentric Hive Mind Construct are legion and they stand ever vigilant to protect their conscious stifling masters.

* Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers

This article is © - October/2013
(unedited) - From the upcoming book – The Agent in You