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Had an interesting conversation with an indy creator that I met on one of the old comic book forums 10 years ago. He was telling me how the title of his comic is being used by a mainstream mega star, and how he is pissed. Says he is pretty much at a loss at what to do.

When I asked if he trademarked or owns the copyrights to his title, he said he has the copyrights only. I'm no attorney, but it's for situations like the above, why I did both. I've got the copyrights to Neters, as well as the trademark to the term or name; as it relates to: comics, graphic novels, books, magazines, etc.

In this day and age, we can't afford to be lazy. I've seen way to many indy artists with the trademark symbol on their work(s), and when I asked if they own the mark, they say no.

Don't fake the funk. Get your "rights" and "marks" for real!

The right choice part ll


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So I captured this post from the Animation Master forum. There will be a version 18 for the mac, but after that, it looks pretty grim. So I made the right decision in leaving AM. Still a great program, but the writing was on the wall; especially when I was told that there were no plans for a 64bit version for the Mac on the horizon.

Animation Master had ONE person working-coding-updating the software. ONE person. So even though the PC folks are 'safe', what happens if this
one guy decides to up and stop coding? Or what if he gets hit by a bus? I ask this question, because one of the two software applications I am currently learning, is Cheetah 3D (see below). It is Mac only. It works great. It has NEVER crashed on me. But ... I'm pretty sure I've read that there is only one developer coding. Interestingly, his name is Martin. He is the creator of this great app.

So ... what to do...

Blender 3D is looking real good right about now.

The right choice?

htp (peace)

Over a year ago, I was convinced that Animation Master was the way to go. I was going to build all characters from the NETERS project; using AM, from the ground up. Needless to say, I've moved on. Not because the software is not capable, but because I am preparing to get a new Mac.

So what does a new Mac have to do with AM? AM on the Mac is 32 bit. My current machine is 32 bit. A 32 bit Mac hasn't shipped new, in nearly 7 years. My current machine is a beast, but it pales in comparison to the newer Macs on the scene today. Once I upgrade, I'll still be able to use AM, but I will not be able to take advantage of the power of the 64 bit machine.

So I decided a few months back, that I would start learning another 3D program. Enter Cheetah 3D.


Cheetah 3D offers power and simplicity. Simplicity does not translate into lack of features. This prog has a ton of features, but you won't drown in a sea of buttons and menus. So I've gotten some things done for my premiere Speculative Fiction piece - NETERS™


Between building Boars (above), and cool vehicles, I've grown to really dig this application. So just when I've decided to focus on using Cheetah 3D exclusively; there is a 64 bit version AND it's Mac only, I get a serious itch to at least learn the basics of Blender 3D.
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Blender might be where I ultimately end up. It has great power under the hood. It renders the way I want it to, it has sculpting tools, and it's free. It just seems like it's going to be the tool of the future. BUT ... many many menus and buttons. Getting around takes some getting used to, but there are so many tutorials online, that there simply isn't any excuse not to give Blender 3D a go.

Cheetah 3D is still at the top of the heap, but Blender aint bad. I should know which application will sit in the captains chair in a month. If only they offered spline modeling like AM does...