The Mercury Men

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I fancy myself a creator. I write and dream up worlds populated with people and ideas and cultures and all manner of phenomenon. But I'm also a fan. A lover of good stories. The Mercury Men is a good story. It's a cool concept with a tried and true formula, and it just works. I remember hanging at BSFS (
Black Science Fiction Society), and one the members dropped a link to a site dedicated to indy science fiction projects (scifinal). This was about a year and a half ago.

While scanning the contents of scifinal, I found a cool web series in the works called The Mercury Men. It's a noir, almost Flash Gordon type series. Cool simple concept of alien invasion. Okay ... that was almost two years ago. Well ... guess what, on, The Mercury Men is one of the original series featured on the sight. Ten episodes plus extras.

The other night I watched them all.
The Mercury Men is a nicely done, entertaining series that takes place in a building. An elite commando is sent in, our everyday run-of-the-mill hero is caught in the middle, and the moon is being pulled towards the earth. That's all I'm saying.