Gates of Hell

I want to see this movie!

The photo


... from Lebron James' twitter account, to around the world.... rip Trayvon Martin.

Take Too Long

Found on youtube... one of the most powerful videos I've seen on youtube.

Government Issue Unifs.

neters radadef2

htp (peace)

Government issued, and easy to produce, the men and women of the mighty Ma'atan Code will continue to pay homage to the RGB. But slick gray unifs are the order of the day. Better get your copy of issue One (
click the pic to your right), because that will be the last time you'll see members of the Ma'atan code wear the mostly black, red and green digs in a current comic or graphic novel.

The new unifs are less
superhero, and more police-state. The drab look came to me as I was writing the NETERS novella; still working on it. I want NETERS to be as edgy as it is heroic. I want the world to have a dark-side that teases and touches the surface. But enough about that right now, just be sure to get the novella when it drops to see what I mean.

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