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Wapwet Class - Earth Breaker.
A Heavy Armor Ground Transportation Vehicle.
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After Earth

Okay, so it’s gotten bad reviews. How surprising. LOL. I mean c’mon on, why would anyone be surprised that a movie with an intact black family; black man, black woman, black children - strong heroic black man, stoic insightful black woman, and two close black siblings, get bad reviews?

After Earth is a visual stream of advanced technology, a commanding war hero/father who works too much, a guilt ridden son trying to find his way, and a beautiful mother who is the glue that binds the family together. After Earth has your basic science fiction survival formula. Man; in this case boy, against nature. Boy over comes inner doubt and hence his immediate environment. Cool and compelling villain. The foundation is solid.

The movie is decent, ya’ll. Don’t fall for the smoke screen. You want to see a movie with blacks in the future, saving folks, in command of themselves and their surroundings, and loving one another and NOT hating others (note how I had to qualify the non-hate part, lol), then After Earth is a great way to spend your Saturday.

As I wrote at one of my favorite hangouts;
Black Science Fiction Society, After Earth is a perfect alternative to the cross dressing, thug culture, buck-dancing, bed wench, split family drivel that the world is saturated with as it relates to Black People. Don’t let those who don’t have our best interests at heart fool you into shying away from this movie.

LOL, then again, if you are a visitor to, then you already know this.

Let it be known, After Earth is worth seeing!