The Griots Anthology!!!

htp (peace)

The revolution my not be televised, but it damn sure is gonna be published! The first Griots Anthology is getting ready to drop! Some of the best writers and artists on the planet are continuing a tradition started by the Great Charles Saunders some 30 years ago! Oh ... and Charles Saunders (
LINK), and Milton Davis (LINK), are the editors of this historical piece. Sword and Soul is one of the most important roots in the speculative fiction genre.
Griots: A Sword and Soul Anthology should be in every home, and on every library shelf in the country ... especially where large numbers of people of African decent live. If you have no idea what Sword and Soul is, no worries. Just follow the above links and you'll be transported to another world.
I almost envy you newbies. You have no idea how great Sword and Soul is. I mean we're talking the kind of stories dreams are made of. High adventure - in the land of our ancestors. Totally badazz and impossible to put down once started, Sword and Soul is the "fantasy" genre of the future!