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Title: NETERS # 2
Format: standard comic
Full Color
24 pages
Publisher: daathrekh Publishing

Partakers in cifer-RA!

In the infinite void of cyber-space, there are those who partake in the grand phenomenon I call cifer-RA -

What is cifer-RA™ do you ask? It is a style or genre of fiction, that is speculative, African Centered, and Metaphysical in scope, as it relates to the idea of harmony or disharmony, between the biological, technological, and spiritual. It comes from that space where the subjective realm meets the phenomenal plain. It is literary cosmology, spun in a new way, striving for a new day.

And so, they have come again. They dwell at Djedi Studios. And we are kindred Spirits. Djedi Studios! read more



htp (peace)

New Year, new goals, new cifer-RA. But first ... got a special preview issue of the NETERS official guide online for you to view. I'm currently writing Sun Juice Mechanics, but in between that, I'm updating the guide that is
currently available at

The online issue features new pics; not all new, but a few, and with no adverts. This issue wont be up for long, so take a look. It's still a wip (work-in-progess). When I complete the update; adding new pics and info, the online edition goes away. If you like what you see, be sure and snag a copy of issue zero, and issue one, on sale right now at Who knows, it may become a collectors item.
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I hope everyone's new year brings them everything they want and more.
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