Getting it right


... had to make some modifications to the texture map of the latest boer incarnation. Seems I have several species of boer at this point. Anyway, had to get the Ambient Occlusion right. read more

Links and more links

htp (peace)

Added two new links to the link(s) page. See the previous post ... it'll make sense. The diversity found in Black speculative fiction is beautiful and bold. I love the worlds birthed from the cole-black third-eye from brothers and sisters who create without apology.

Na-ki-wa oo-ba-ke

... and speaking of links, I discovered that I had to update my links to my NETERS comic. It seems Ka-Blam is revamping their site and my links had to be updated.
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Self-Contained and awesome!

htp (peace)

One of my favorite creators is doing his thing! A bunch of years ago, I corresponded with this brotha via Hero Talk. His work was entitled Bounty-X, and his style was distinctive and awesome.

Over at Black Science Fiction Society, Nakiwa-oobake dropped episodes one and two of Bounty-X Minddar. Bounty-X is probably one of the most self-contained, immersive worlds I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I'm looking forward to more. Take a look at episode one.