Sword and Soul Double drop!

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Charles Saunders (
LINK), has done it again! Book two of Dossouye is available now at Lulu. I've ordered my copy and can't wait to get my hands on this piece. Sword and Soul is a genre that's here to stay. Make no mistake about it boys and girls, this is a take on fantasy that is rooted in Africa, but the universal appeal is genuine and magnetic. You can either click the pic and be transported directly to the Lulu page and snag your copy now, or click the link; behind Charles Saunders' name, and take a look around the authors sight, and perhaps get a copy of any of the books from the Imaro series. That said, you wont be disappointed.

And check out the cover of this latest offering. Illustrated by the great
Mshindo I Kuumba. The colors, the dynamism, it's all there. And I can attest that those same colors will spill from the pages of Dossouye. Charles Saunders' writing is like putting paint to canvas. These are great times for those often overlooked in the fantasy genre. Come ... join me and marvel in a world that was ... a place based on times when the original people of the earth held sway over earth and wind. Better hurry.

CHANGA 2 - front cover - 2

Milton Davis (LINK), a Sword and Soul powerhouse, has released Changa's Safari: volume two. Yup ... going broke this week, but I aint mad, got some Sword and Soul to read. When I read works by Milton Davis, I'm immediately put in that Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, or The Golden Voyage of Sinbad kind of mind. Milton brings a Ray Harryhausen vibe to his story telling. Sword and Soul at its best, Changa's Safari: volume two, picks up where volume one leaves off. Oh ... you don't have volume one? Then follow the links!

I'd say Milton Davis is one of the best, and most prolific Sword and Soul authors in the world. So if Fantasy and Adventure is your thing, then you owe it to yourself to click the pic to your left, and get your Sword and Soul on!