The Rules of Racism


htp (peace)

When the brother gave the call, did you hear? We did.

As within, not so without...

Truth be told, not all muses are created equal. The artist is only as strong as his or her inspiration, imagination, and courage. And under the watchful eyes of the BSFGK or Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keepers, the Black artistic community labors under a kind of artificially induced self-policing. As such, they have willingly externalized their creation-engine/power.

The External Based Black Artist seeks to placate the industry, never challenging the status-quo, in essence, becoming at least an Agent, and perhaps as it relates to
this series of articles, a fully realized Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keeper. Their journey is steeped in fear and the perpetual seeking of acceptance from the colonizers of imagination. Money, fame, and the preverbal pat-on-the-head, is the ultimate goal for the external based black artist.

The Internal Based Black Creator is one who builds from an authoritative non-apologetic spark of creativity and empowerment. The Internal Based Black Creator acts from a position of strength and authenticity, using his/her voice, words, images, and music, to speak truth to power. The Internal Based Black Creator feels compelled to at least suggest to the observer-experiencer, that there is always a higher frequency of black expression. Ever-Becoming, is the ultimate goal for the Internal Based Black Creator.

The Internal Based Black Creator or IBBC, is viewed by the neutralized masses as a pariah ... a spoiler. The IBBC is usually an independent voice, while The Black Speculative Fiction Gate Keeper or BSFGK, is generally a cog in one of the nine categories of White Supremacy - entertainment. The BSFGK is a straw-man ... a tool used to project the illusion of diversity in the western arts propaganda machine. The relationship between the IBBC and the BSFGK is tenuous at best. They operate from two extremes; one seeking to codify the whims of those other than themselves, while the other strives to generate better-human-sights-and sounds. I leave it up to the reader to discover which is which.

Agent is another thing all together. Agents have no real power and are a general nuisance to the IBBC. They behave plague-like, spreading disinformation and disunity like flies on the Serengeti. In todays world, their field of operation is the electronic media. Name calling, slander, fear mongering, back-stabbing, and distraction, are their weapons. Agents offer first layer attacks but are easily dispatched by the hardened IBBC. The purpose of the Agent as it relates to the Internal Based Black Creator, is to waste the later’s creative vitality.

If this copy reads like a speculative fiction piece, it is ... and it isn’t. This series of articles is an experiment using real life experience, constructs of history, culture, and social concepts, molded into heroes and villains. Stick around, more to come.

This article is © - August/2014 Daathrekh Publishing