"Articles and Feedback"

htp (peace)

Been busy writing. I hit a creative wall 3D wise, so I switch gears (read creative platforms), and started doing some heavy duty writing. I'm way behind on all of my projects. I need to focus and get something done. Can't be jumping from novels to comics; and playing with the idea of 2D animations. I don't see how people can multi-task like that. I ain't one of them.

I also added two additional sub-sections to the site. Look at the menu to your left. First up is Articles. Just as the title suggests, I'll dump most; if not all articles from prior posts in that section. I can tell you right now, that's not a place for thin skinned sensitive types. Nor is it a place for the closed minded. Frankly it'll be a progressive reservoir of thoughts and observations made over the years - as it relates to black folks in the creative fields. Just getting back to my roots and why I do what I do is all.

We've also added ... or returned; depending on how long you've come to this site, a Feedback page. I've gotten e-mails via our NETERS page, about how folks have been wanting to leave feedback here at the main site. So leave some feedback if you wish.

Hope all is well with you and yours.

htp (peace)

New Spike Lee Joint


htp (peace)

We had to back Spike Lee's latest endeavor. Folks mad cause the brotha went to the people and didn't bother to beg "them" for the funds to make his latest project happen.