Full Steam on this one ya'll

sjm wip

htp (peace)

Okay, so don't be mad at a brother. Shem-su Heru, and the NETERS novella have been slowly coming to fruition. And then there's the NETERS comic; issue two specifically, that I've been promising to drop for like forever. Well, boys and girls, life is full of twists and turns.
This year for me will see life changes that I wouldn't wish on anyone. But the light shines in the dark. The creative energy that I was born with has returned with a vengeance!
I have been writing and designing (peep the cover), for the past week like a mad man. I can't stop, nor can I help it for that matter. This novel has totally taken over my extra time. All projects are on hold until I finish
Sun Juice Mechanics© - a subtle cifer-RA speculative fiction even that is being channelled through my person as we speak...