You would think...


... that after a year of getting a ton of work done in Cheetah 3D, that I would be finally committed to said 3D app, and busy building my assets for the NETERS™ mythos. Well, I have been busy. And I have been building, but I've also been learning Blender 3D too.

Blender offers all of the power found in the high end 3D applications. Plus it's free. I'm almost done with a 10 hour introduction series for Blender. This program is amazing; especially once you get used to it.

Blender seems to be the future, but Cheetah 3D is not far behind. After completing the 10 hour course, and knocking out a few online tutorials, I can make an honest evaluation of Blender. So far, I can do everything in Blender that I can do in Cheetah 3D, plus I'm able to get the kinds of renders I want in Blender; without having to jump to Carrara 3D for it's very capable toon/outline rendering. But for the rendering features/options, I would probably have just continued on with Cheetah 3D. It still has the cleanest interface of all 3D apps.

As it stands, Cheetah 3D has the best gui, and it's very intuitive and easy to learn. The render engine is out of date, very few tutorials, and it's a one person show (one man development team).

Blender has a ton of tutorials online; free. It's on par in a lot of ways with the big boys: Maya, 3D Max; Cinema 4D. The gui takes some getting used to. Redundant work flow.