Of all the Zombie inspired arcs to come along, my favorite was the Zombie Versus Robot IDW series. The art was incredible, and anything that Ashley Wood renders, I buy.

In keeping with my 'mastering' of Animation Master; hey, I'm a long ways off ... still learning, anyway, in between the exercises in the manual, I venture off and do my own thing. Reading what more experienced 3D modelers preach, I try and model "simple" things. Things with familiar shapes.

The above pic is a kind of practice-and-props exercise. Practice in developing my modeling skills in Animation Master, and props to Ashley Wood of Zombie Versus Robot fame. The robots in ZVR were little more than cylinders and boxes, but their design was so cool, that I couldn't help but model one. As I continue to learn AM, I'm going to re-visit the robot. From looking at various pics, it's arms should be more massive, and it's body a little thinner and taller....